Training a dog with a ball

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Two kittens on bed playing with cat toy

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brain training for dogs

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toilet train a puppy

How to toilet train a puppy If you're struggling to toilet train a puppy, don't worry it can be a challenging proce... Read more

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Puppy training is not easy, but it is a rewarding process

House training a puppy: The essentials There are few greater joys than the arrival of a new puppy into your family home. Those fi... Read more

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Begging Dog

How to stop dog begging through training Anyone who has ever eaten in the company of a poorly trained dog will be familiar with the an... Read more

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Dog crate training

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Larn about new mystery disease affecting dogs - German shepard on a lead

Dog training: Positive reinforcement vs negative reinforcement Dog training techniques have really moved on from the outdated methods based on dominance and... Read more

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Toilet Training Puppy

The first 12 weeks of owning a puppy: Toilet training It’s not the easiest job, however toilet training puppies is a necessary job that requires ... Read more

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How to train an adult dog - Labrador and man

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A dog being trained

What are the basic house rules my dog needs to know? Never underestimate a dog’s need for discipline. A canine friend is happiest when it knows ... Read more

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