The best technology to keep your pet happy and healthy

Posted by Argos, 4 June 2019, last updated 2 March 2022.

Did you know that there’s a plethora of gadgets on the market specifically designed for our furry friends? Whether you want to keep your pet entertained or want to track their activity, there’s a range of pet tech that pet owners can benefit from.

Here are our top picks for the best pet technology that’s been created to keep our cats and dogs safe, healthy and happy.

GPS pet tracker

Is your feline friend prone to staying out all night, or does your dog sometimes wander off during walkies? If so, a GPS cat or dog tracker could be incredibly useful.

Dalmnation dog sat with their owner with an image of a pet tracker app

Top of the range products allow you to track your pet on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer, so you can keep tabs on them, wherever you are.

Dog fitness tracker

Similar to human fitness trackers, there are also clever, doggy fitness trackers. These can monitor how much time your pooch spends running, walking, sleeping and having fun!

If you’re worried about the health of your dog, this dog fitness tracker can help you to keep an eye on their activity. You may even want to get fit with your dog and purchase a fitness tracker for both of you to get fitter together.

You can track their progress on your mobile, and many of these dog fitness trackers provide weekly progress reports. This means you can be truly educated and informed when it comes to the welfare of your furry family member.

Small dog running on a field

Pet camera

For those pet owners who may have to leave their dogs at home during the day, or fancy checking in on the cat, pet cameras are pretty awesome bits of kit! With some pet cameras, you can use an app on your smartphone to check in on your pets and even talk to them. Some extremely high tech devices even allow you to dispense treats!

This tech can be a godsend for pets who suffer from separation anxiety or loneliness, as the sound of your voice can soothe and comfort them.

Even if you might sometimes leave your cat home alone for short periods of time, it is never a good idea to leave dogs alone at home for extended periods of time. If you’re away from the house on a regular basis, you should consider doggy daycare or a dog walker to ensure the mental and physical wellbeing of your pet.

Automatic ball launchers

It’s fair to say that pet tech has come a long way. If you fancy having fun with your pet at home, or keeping your pet active if the weather is dreadful outside, automatic ball launchers are ideal.

This fabulous bit of equipment automatically launches balls for your dog, so they can fetch and drop the ball back into the dock. It provides hours of fun for energetic pups!

Image of a black and purple dog ball launcher with green tennis balls

Tech such as this should never replace daily outdoor exercise. However, it’s great to know that you can play indoors to burn off some energy if required. Automatic ball launchers are great for owners who can’t be as active as they would like for their energetic pooch. Choosing a pet for an older person doesn’t have to be as difficult with technology such as this!

Make sure you do your research though, as some products are more suitable for smaller dogs or smaller spaces.

Cat laser toys

Does your moggy love to chase toys? Or do you feel your cat needs a little added entertainment? An automatic cat laser toy could be the answer.

These clever gadgets project laser beams around the house for your feline friend to chase, keeping your cat happy and entertained for hours on end.

It might be a good idea to move the more precious ornaments though, before leaving your moggy unoccupied with their techy toy!

You should also make sure to break up your cat’s play sessions with real toys, as well as laser toys, to avoid any potential frustration if your cat is unable to catch their ‘prey’!

Kitten with pink mouse and ball toys

Automatic feeders

Automatic cat feeders are very clever bits of kit that either dispense or supply meals to your cat at specified times of the day – meaning you don’t always need to be at home to feed the cat, especially if you have an overnight trip planned or a spontaneous evening out.

Some feeders even link up with microchips to ensure the right cat gets the right food – which can be important if you have one moggy who has to eat a special diet.

White kitten laid on a grey blanket licking their lips

App-controlled pet door

Microchip pet doors have been around for a while now, but the tech has most certainly been upgraded of late. Today’s tech allows owners to remotely operate the flaps via an interactive app, set a curfew and receive notifications when your pet leaves the house or returns.  Pretty smart, huh!

Some products even provide you with data so you can chart your cat’s behaviour and well being.

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