Getting your cat fit and healthy in the New Year!

Posted by Argos, 21 December 2018, last updated 2 September 2022.

You might not be the only one with a fitness goal on your 2021 list. Your cat might benefit from a health kick to start the year too. Why not make a joint resolution?

Fluffy cat laid on a grey stool

Here are some tips for keeping your cat healthy in the New Year!

Eat better

Chances are, just like you, your cat will have enjoyed one or two tasty treats over the festive period.

Although it’s nice to treat your cat over Christmas, use January as a time to evaluate their diet. A nutritious diet is vital for keeping your cat healthy.

Make sure that you’re feeding your cat the correct amount of food for their size and activity level. Follow the advice given on the back of your cat’s food packet and ensure you monitor your cat’s weight. We recently discovered that a third of pet owners are concerned that their pet is overweight. If this is the case with your feline friend, pay a visit to the vet for some advice.

You should also ensure treats are given only on the odd occasion. Many treats are highly processed and can contribute significantly to weight gain.

If you like to reward your cat with treats, opt for healthy cat treats with natural ingredients and adjust the daily food intake accordingly.


It’s important for cats to exercise too, as well as eating healthier. Exercise helps to stop a cat from putting on too much weight.

The best way for your cat to get exercise is to play with them. Cat toys will help to keep your cat entertained as well as helping them get the exercise they need to stay fit and healthy.

Why not get them a laser toy and watch them bounce, chase and bat the exciting patterns of light. Toys that naturally awaken a cat’s hunting instincts are also perfect for getting them active. If you’re short of ideas, we have a few games you can try out here.

Keep them groomed

Although cats like to groom themselves, it’s important for you to help them stay clean too.

Brushing your cat’s fur is important as it stops it from ending up in their stomach. Fur isn’t easy for a cat to digest, and can often result in hairballs. If they’re unable to vomit or regurgitate the hair, it can cause digestive upset.

Grooming your cat can help to remove dirt and debris from their coat, and help you check for fleas.

Help to fight illness

Make sure your cat’s vaccinations are all up to date. Vaccines help keep your cat free of illnesses and generally keep them healthy. If they’re an outdoor cat, it’s your responsibility to ensure they don’t catch anything from any other animals they may meet – or pass anything on.

Your cat’s health is important to look after! Keep your feline friend protected with Argos Pet Insurance provided by Pinnacle Insurance plc. Explore our cat insurance policies today.

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