Leaving a cat alone in the house

Posted by Argos, 20 June 2018, last updated 14 July 2020.

While it would be ideal to be able to take our pets everywhere with us, sometimes they have to stay at home. While cats may seem very independent, they need you for a number of things and they do notice when you’re gone. We have some advice for creating a comfortable environment for leaving a cat alone in the house.

A clean litter tray

If you are leaving a cat alone in the house, make sure they have fresh litter in their tray. Cats are very clean animals, and a dirty litter tray will not be a comfortable experience for them. If their litter isn’t clean, they will often go outside the box. This isn’t something you want to come home to! Experts recommend having one more litter tray than the number of cats in the house to avoid any conflicts.

Food and water

Before leaving a cat alone in the house, check their food and water. A cat should always have a fresh supply of water. If you’re away for long periods of time, consider buying a pet water fountain to ensure your cat always has access to the freshest water. If your cat is alone for more than a day, ask a friend or neighbour to pop in and change the water at least once a day.

Making sure they have a supply of food to meet their own dietary needs is also important. If you have more than one pet with different needs, you should consider getting a feeder to keep meals separate.

Keep them busy

It really is true that time flies when you’re having fun. Your cat will look to find their own entertainment if they aren’t mentally stimulated – which can get messy! Make sure there are plenty of cat toys left out for them to play with – we have you covered if you need a starter kit. Try to avoid leaving your cat alone with any smaller or dangling pieces. If swallowed, these can cause a few health issues.

Leaving a cat alone in the house can sometimes give them time to develop bad habits, such as scratching furniture. To avoid any damage to your furniture, make sure you have a scratching post for your cat. Catnip toys are also a great way to keep them entertained.

If you want to keep an eye on your pet while you’re out of the house, check out our range of gadgets!

Get them a friend

If you have room in your life, consider growing your furry family. Pets need socialisation too, and they won’t be lonely with a friend. Just make sure they get along before leaving them alone!

However, you should never get a second pet simply to entertain the first. You should be fully prepared to commit to caring for another animal and handling any socialisation issues that may occur.

Leaving a cat alone in the house during your holiday

While you’re on holiday or away from the house for an extended period of time, you will need the services of a cat sitter or cattery.

If your cat has a mishap while home alone, make sure they’re covered by pet insurance. Visit www.argospetinsurance.co.uk for information about our various policies.

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