Why do cats bring their owners dead animals?

Posted by Argos, September 10th 2014, last updated October 1st 2020.

Picture the scene: you wake up, go downstairs, put the kettle on and open the door to let your lovable feline companion in. You look down and there is a dead mouse lying on the doormat. For many cat owners, this is a frequent sight that they never get used to. However, according to many cat behaviourists, this is actually your cat giving you a gift.

Your cat may not just leave mice as a little gift. Your cat may also be savvy at catching birds, rats or other small creatures too! Some outdoor cats love to go outside and hunt, so before you get a cat, understand that this is sometimes expected.

So, should you be happy with the little ‘present’ on your doorstep or is there something else going on in your cats mind?
A cat hunting a mouse

Why is my cat bringing home dead animals?

There are experts who claim the dead (and sometimes live) animals that are brought into the home are actually trophies. Your cat is proud of catching the animal and wants to show off their skills. When you look at your cat’s behaviour, this theory could certainly be true as cats are generally independent, high maintenance animals so you can imagine them bringing home trophies in the form of rodents or birds to boast.

Animal behaviour expert and veterinarian Michael W. Fox claims that those dead animals that you find might not be the gifts that you think they are. In his book “Understanding Your Cat’, he argues that it is instinct, not generosity that makes your cat bring home dead rodents and birds.

In the wild, mothers bring their kittens dead animals to eat. As they start to get a bit older, the mother then brings home live prey so the kittens can learn how to hunt and kill. The kittens need this important lesson in order to be able to survive in the wild so your cat could actually be looking at you as their baby and trying to keep you well fed. So, even if it isn’t a sign of a gift, they are certainly trying to show you something!

Hunting is a kitten's natural instinct

What should you do if your cat brings home dead animals?

It can be tempting to scream and shout at your feline friend when you notice the nasty surprise on your doorstep or in the home. However, you need to put yourself in their shoes. They think they have done a great feat. It is a natural instinct for them to hunt and kill their prey so shouting and scolding them will only cause confusion.

They aren’t going to miraculously stop killing because they get told off so you will only be making both of your lives more stressful than they need to be if you continue to get angry.

The best way to handle it is to accept that it is a normal part of your cat’s behaviour. Whether they are bringing the dead animals to you as a gift or a trophy, embrace the fact that your cat is healthy and expressing normal behaviours. Praise them and then discreetly get rid of the animal.

Owning a cat comes with a lot of unexpected experiences. Finding dead and often live animals in the home is to be expected. Even well-fed cats will hunt and bring home prey so don’t be concerned if you see a few rodents being brought home.

Should I be worried if my cat does not bring home animals?

No. Some outdoor cats may not be as interested as catching mice and birds as others. They also just might not be very good at it! This doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with your cat; they will express their normal behaviours in other ways too.

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