Why does my cat headbutt me?

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If you’ve got a cat that loves lots of affection, you’ve probably found yourself on the receiving end of a lovely, soft… headbutt. You might have been left wondering why did your cat headbutt you? And if your cat should be doing this? We’ve got a few answers for you here at Argos Pet Insurance!

What does a cat headbutt look like?

A headbutt is also known as ‘bunting’. It is when a cat uses their head to make contact with you. Usually, they will tap their head against you and rub their cheek along whatever body part they’re near. You’ve probably seen your cat headbutt objects like walls, chairs and furniture too.

Cat headbutting dog

What does a cat headbutt mean?

Cats have scent glands all over their bodies. They use them to leave their mark on objects, including their humans. It is mainly used for bonding as well as socialising.

If you notice your cat headbutt you, then turn their head to their side or tuck it down, it’s likely that they’re looking for attention.

A cat headbutt is a great sign. It shows that your cat trusts you enough to be up close and personal with you.

You’ll notice a cat headbutt other cats too. This is to show respect to other cats, or to create a common colony scent with others in the household.

Cat rubbing head on owner's hand

Is a cat headbutt to mark territory?

Many believe that this is a way of simply marking territory, but it’s more complicated than this. While cats do use scent glands to mark their territory, they also use it to create comforting familiarity or signify an area as ‘safe’.

If your cat doesn’t use a headbutt to show affection, don’t worry. Cats show they love you in a number of ways.

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