Catnip: Everything you need to know Catnip is a plant that has a mildly euphoric effect on cats, often making them revert to a ki... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

easter pet dangers

Easter Pet Dangers and How to Avoid Them With the arrival of spring comes Easter. And with Easter comes family gatherings, fun and... Read more

By Dr Dog

dog microchipping

Microchipping Your Dog: Your Questions Answered Dog owners across the UK will likely remember this time last year. On the 6th April 2016 ... Read more

By Dr Dog

The 5 most common non-food objects swallowed by pets Anyone with a dog, cat, puppy or kitten will know what inquisitive creatures they are. Th... Read more

By Dr Dog

common cat illnesses

Common cat illnesses to look out for this winter The chill of winter can make us all feel under the weather. As temperatures start to drop, it... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

caring for cats in winter

Caring for cats in winter: how to keep your cat fit & healthy this winter For cats that are used to heading outside for a wander or a hunt on a daily basis, the cold w... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

keeping pets warm in the winter

Keeping your Pets Warm In Winter Winter is well and truly here. We’re all wrapping up warm in our coats and scarves rea... Read more

By Dr Dog


Don’t let Rover face doggy doom, keep the chip up-to-date Since April 2016 it has been a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped in the UK.... Read more

By Albert

Changing cat food can be a simple process if you follow the right advice

How to choose the best cat food for your feline friend A good diet is one of the most important factors to ensuring your cat is healthy and happ... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

Why you should walk your dog on the school run   For families with dogs, the school run is a great opportunity to ensure your pet ge... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

This cat has hair loss, but bald patches on cats are not uncommon

Bald patches on cats: What are the reasons for them? Bald patches on cats are quite common and the problem can occur in many different forms. T... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

Tabby cats like this may need pet insurance as they grow older

How to deal with cat health issues in older cats There are an estimated 8.5 million cats in the UK, meaning 19% of households own one of these... Read more

By Nurse Whiskers

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