letting a cat outside for the first time

Five tips for letting a cat outside for the first time Letting a cat outside for the first time can be nerve wracking for pet owners. Cats are natur... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

man walking dog for national walking month

Explore the outdoors for National Walking Month It’s time to put those paws to use! May is National Walking Month and it's the perfect chan... Read more

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Winter dog - Labrador running through the snow

How to keep your dog warm, fit and healthy in winter There’s nothing like going for a walk in the winter weather with your dog. It’s important... Read more

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Tips to help you and your pet deal with dog walks on dark nights

Top tips to help you with dog walks on dark nights The Great British summer is being typically unreliable but hopefully you’ve been able to ma... Read more

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Beach safety advice & dog friendly beaches for your pooch Whether you live near the beach or are planning on taking the entire family away to the seasi... Read more

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A Rottweiler casts a watchful eye over whilst sitting between raised garden beds full of plants.

Which are the poisonous plants for dogs and cats? With summer now finally here, it’s likely both you and your pets will want to be out in the... Read more

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Top 5 considerations when dog walking in the countryside There's nothing like a leisurely stroll in the countryside to put your four-legged friend in ... Read more

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How to create a cat friendly garden There are few things that our feline friends enjoy more than pounding their paws through stre... Read more

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Dog in sleeping bag

Things to think about when camping with dogs Camping is a great summer activity for you and your dog; however not all camping grounds allo... Read more

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Dog beach etiquette and safety advice The beach is great place to take your dog, especially in the summer time. However, there are ... Read more

By Dr Dog

Dog activities for you and your pet in summer As the summer brings the hot weather, it’s a great time to get out and about with your pet ... Read more

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tabby cat

Plants that are poisonous to cats Cats can be very mysterious creatures so keeping them safe can be a tricky job. When it comes... Read more

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