Fun games to play with your pet

Posted by Argos, 23 March 2018, last updated 15 September 2020.

Keeping your pet busy can be a difficult task. They require lots of attention and many have plenty of energy to spare. If you need some inspiration to make sure your pet is getting enough exercise and mental stimulation we’ve got some fun games to play with your pet.


Believe it or not, both cats and dogs love to play fetch, just in different ways. Dogs prefer fetch to be a high-energy game, bounding across huge open spaces to retrieve a ball or other toy.

You can play fetch with your cat indoors or outdoors, as they don’t require a lot of space for this game. If your cat is feeling playful, they’ll leap in the air and chase toys across a room. You can reinforce your cat returning the toy with petting or healthy treats.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek isn’t just a fun game for human children; fur babies love it too!

Command your dog to sit and stay in one room, while you go and hide with their favourite toy or a handful of healthy treats. Once you’re hidden, call their name and give them a reward when they find you. The game will put your dog’s brain and senses to the test, as well as reinforce good behaviour for following commands.

Playing the same game with your cat means that they’ll be the one doing the hiding. You can initiate this game with their favourite toy. Drag the toy across the floor in front of them to see if they want to play. Cats love to pounce out at unsuspecting prey, so get them a place they can hide in. Cats do value their privacy though, so make sure they want to play before invading their personal space.

This is a great game for when the weather is bad outside.


Making sure that your pet is regularly using their brain is just as important as physical exercise.

Puzzle feeders are available in all shapes and sizes for cats and dogs.

A favourite for dogs is a treat ball, which will entertain your pet for hours on end. The ball usually features a small hole at each end to stuff treats in. Your dog then has to figure out how to get the treats out.

Cats tend to be more entertained by toys they can chase.


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