pet costume halloween

Is a pet costume safe to wear during Halloween? This Halloween, many pet owners will have to make a big decision - should they get a pet cost... Read more

By Rachael JAM

world food day

World Food Day – 10 human foods your pet can enjoy too World Food Day occurs on the 16th October this year. To mark the occasion, we’re talking sn... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

brain training pets

Brain training pets – 4 games to keep your pooch thinking We know that brain training pets can be hard. Taking the pooch to the park for a game of fetc... Read more

By Rachael JAM

cat month

Happy Cat Month – 10 interesting cat facts about your feline friend With a quarter of the UK’s adults owning a cat, it’s safe to say we love our feline frien... Read more

By Tiger

international day of charity

International Day of Charity – Helping four-legged friends in need International Day of Charity falls on the 5th September this year. As a pet lover, it’s the... Read more

By Cyril

border terrier

Border Terrier Breed Review The Border Terrier is small, plucky little pooch with a cute little face and rough coat. Or... Read more

By Cyril

dog yoga

How can I involve my pooch in dog yoga? Love yoga but worried your pooch feels left out? Well, barking mad as it sounds, dogs can enj... Read more

By Priscilla

insta-famous pets

Insta-famous pets and World Photo Day This World Photo Day, we want to celebrate your photos of your pets. For a little inspiration... Read more

By Priscilla

Border Collie wearing a PitPat collar

What has your pooch done today? Ask PitPat! Every dog owner should know the importance of keeping their pooch active so they stay fit and... Read more

By Priscilla

world friendship day - anjana and tigers

World Friendship Day – Unlikely Animal Friendships If you didn’t already know, July 30th is a cause for celebration – it’s World Friendshi... Read more

By Sapphire

Father's Day pet dads

10 famous pet dads celebrating Father’s Day Being a pet parent is a lot of fun, and this month the spotlight is on all those pet dads out... Read more

By Sapphire

royal wedding pet at weddings

Royal Wedding fever – Including your pet in your big day With the Royal Wedding fast approaching, there’s no doubt that wedding fever is sweeping th... Read more

By Sapphire

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