Crufts black Alsatian

5 fun facts about Crufts – the world’s largest dog show This week marks the start of Crufts, known as the Oscars of the dog world. The annual showcas... Read more

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perfect cat breed

Finding your perfect cat breed Choosing a cat to welcome into the family is an exciting time, especially with so many br... Read more

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How to take your pet abroad – plus share your pet’s summer snaps to win with #SummerTails Dogs and cats are important members of the family. Therefore, when it comes to holiday-time, ... Read more

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Keep your dog well groomed at this time of year, when mud and dirt is more prominent on walks

Time for walkies! Take our survey to WIN £100 for you & your pet Do you love taking a stroll along the beach with your dog, prefer a lengthy hike in the c... Read more

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White Persian cat sitting down

16 funny cat facts There are an estimated 7.9 million cats in the UK, making them the second-most popular pe... Read more

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Golden retriever on the beach

5 ways to spend bank holidays with your dog One of the best things Bank Holidays is the extra time you get to relax and spend time ... Read more

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A dog dressed up in army gear

10 weird dog jobs that actually exist Dogs have helped out at work for centuries. One of the main reasons they became domesticated ... Read more

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A baby plays with a puppy

Why puppies and babies are funny together Puppies and babies, babies and puppies – it doesn’t get much cuter than that, as the foll... Read more

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A Labrador dog's nose close up

11 weird and interesting dog facts you’ll be amazed by We all know that dogs are a man’s best friend but there’s plenty you might not know. Here... Read more

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Pets at Christmas

Merry Christmas to every dog, cat, pet and their owners! We wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christmas, we wish you a merry Christm... Read more

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Will you dress your pooch in a dog Christmas jumper this year?

How to make a dog Christmas jumper Do you enjoy dressing you furry friend up in seasonal and holiday outfits? Well, now is a ... Read more

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Reading a dog blog is a great way to learn about your pet

3 dog blogs you’ll want to read again and again If you’re a dog owner and you’re looking for an array of helpful, informative and insight... Read more

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