Pets at parties – our tips for New Year’s celebrations

Posted by Argos, 21 December 2018, last updated 2 September 2022.

It’s almost 2020! Although New Year’s Eve can be a super exciting time for humans, with Champagne, Jools Holland, Big Ben’s chimes and fireworks galore, our furry friends don’t always find house parties that fabulous…

Here are our tips for making sure that your four-legged family members enjoy the celebrations, too.

Create a safe place for your pet

As we know all too well, pets and fireworks don’t always go together. Many animals find the bangs and flashes extremely stressful. Creating a safe and secure place for them inside the house is important.

Find a space with minimal noise, and familiar scenery and smells. Then it can be a bolt hole for them when the fireworks and frivolities start. The familiarity will help calm them down and prevent excessive nerves and panic.

Close your windows and doors, and make sure that the house is as sound-proofed as possible.

Additionally, if you are planning a house party yourself, some pets may feel overwhelmed by a large number of noisy guests taking over their home. Create a hideaway in a bedroom or somewhere out of bounds for guests. This will allow them to sneak off somewhere peaceful and secure, should they need to.

As cats aren’t always the most sociable of creatures, moving their cat bed or cosy a few days in advance might be a good idea. This is so they know where to look for their safe space.

Once your pet is in its safe place, leave them be. Don’t try to coax them out as this can add to their stress. And make sure any house party guests know to leave them alone. Once they feel more relaxed they will come out in their own time.

Exercise your pet during the day

Exercise your animals outside during the day to avoid any unexpected fireworks or frivolities.

This means that your pet will be in a safe, stress-free environment during their walk and will feel more at ease. It may even tire them out enough to sleep through the whole thing!

Dogs that are spooked by fireworks may run off the lead into the darkness if a firework is ignited close by. If you have no other choice but to walk your dog at night, make sure that their lead is properly attached. 

If you let your cat outside during the day, it might be best to call them in before it gets dark, especially if you don’t have a cat flap for easy access.

Keep them away from the Champers!

As the drinks begin to flow at your New Year’s shindig, pets might consume alcohol without their owner’s knowledge, as wine glasses and beer bottles are often left unattended.

Alcohol causes damage to dogs and cats just as it does to humans. The effects are compounded due to their smaller size, meaning they will be seen much quicker and in greater severity than in humans.

Make sure you keep your alcoholic drinks well away from pets. Encourage guests to use countertops or keep their drinks with them.

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