Mother's Day - pet mum

Mother’s Day for Pet Owners Many people believe that Mother’s Day is all about breakfast in bed, flowers and handmade c... Read more

By Sapphire

Valentine's Day White and Orange Cat with Red Rose

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your pet Many of you will want to show your pet how much you love them on Valentine’s Day and ther... Read more

By Trixie

Chinese New Year - Red and gold Chinese lanterns

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the Year of the Dog! The Chinese New Year is coming up, and 2018 marks the Year of the Dog! In Chinese astrology,... Read more

By Sapphire

cat in christmas tree

How to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree Are you confused about how to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree?It’s true that... Read more

By Maggie the Moggie

christmas gift guide dog in jumper

Christmas gift guide for your dog We’ve put together a Christmas gift guide for your dog because, let’s face it, they’re ... Read more

By Cyril

Cat Christmas Gift Guide - Cat Sleeps in Christmas Hat

Christmas gift guide for your cat A Christmas gift guide really can make your Christmas shopping a lot less stressful! But with... Read more

By Tiger

Avoid Hair of The Dog This Christmas - Alcohol Poisoning in Pets. Two cute puppies nap on a bed together

Avoid ‘hair of the dog’ this Christmas Did you know that one in four dogs in the UK have consumed alcohol?[1] And a quarter of Briti... Read more

By Cyril

7 Famous Dogs That Stole Our Hearts - Boo the dog looks happy in the garden

7 famous dogs that stole our hearts Here's a list of seven famous dogs that stole our hearts... BoMr Obama promi... Read more

By Sapphire

What Food Can I Safely Feed My Dog - Argos Pet Insurance

What can I feed my dog? It’s really tempting to feed your dog snacks and treats from your plate. Remember, though, ... Read more

By Cyril

health benefits of owning a pet - girl with dog

Four Health Benefits of Owning a Pet Scientists have said that owning a pet can bring health benefits, and we’re not surprised![... Read more

By Cyril

Three happy dogs sitting together - exercise your dog

Four of the best ways to exercise your dog Making sure you exercise your dog is very important. It ensures your furry little friend has ... Read more

By Cyril

cats show love - cute kitten sleeping

10 Things Cats Do To Show They Love You Whether you’re a cat or a dog person, it’s important to know your pet appreciates you as ... Read more

By Tiger

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