4 Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Your Pet

Posted by Argos, 9 March 2018, last updated 15 September 2020.

Many people believe that Mother’s Day is all about breakfast in bed, flowers and handmade cards. Here at Argos Pet Insurance, as far as we’re concerned, Mother’s Day takes on a whole new meaning when there’s a pet involved.

From quiet cuddles on the couch to a long, muddy walk in the rain, you can spend your Sunday the best way possible – as a pet mum! We’ve got a few ways you can make the day memorable for you and your pet.

1.  Create a keepsake that will last a lifetime

We know how much you love your pet’s little paws, so why not keep them forever? You can buy pet-friendly moulds online and create instant prints to display in your home.

The easiest type of set you can buy is a mould that sets in one step, which causes minimum fuss for your pet. Make sure your pet is comfortable with the process. Always make sure the mould is non-toxic and pet-friendly before using it.

2.  Visit your favourite spot

If you’re a dog owner, you probably take your dog on daily walks anyway but on Mother’s Day, make your walk extra special. Perhaps take a different, more adventurous route or go on a longer walk than usual.

Another way to make a walk that little bit extra special for your pet is to meet up with other dogs that you know your dog gets along with. That way they will have a play mate for their favourite part of the day.

If you’re a cat owner, why not simply curl up on the sofa with your pet – a purr-fect excuse for a lazy day!

3.  Have a Mother’s Day pamper session

Treat yourself and your pet to a little pamper package. A facemask for you and a spot of grooming for your pet can be tonnes of fun.

If your dog or cat is a fan of bath time, why not make Mother’s Day the perfect excuse to fill up the tub and give them a good wash and scrub? Just be sure to use pet-friendly products.

4.  Make a Mother’s Day card

It might seem silly, but why not try making a card for other pet mums in your life from their four-legged friends? You never know, maybe you’ll even get one back!

Mother’s Day cards from pets can be a lovely gesture that requires minimal effort, but could put a smile on a mum’s face for the whole day! Just make sure you sign with a paw print from their pets.

Being a pet mum is great! But remember to keep your pet protected with Argos Pet Insurance provided by Pinnacle Insurance plc. Explore our pet insurance policies today.

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