World Food Day – 10 human foods your pet can enjoy too

Posted by Argos, 5 October 2018, last updated 2 March 2022.

World Food Day occurs on the 16th October. To mark the occasion, we’re talking snack-loving pets and the human foods you can enjoy with them.


Both dogs and cats love a bit of salmon! Just make sure it’s cooked and boneless. Bones are a choking hazard and raw meats can give your pet an upset stomach.


Eggs are an excellent source of protein for your pet. Always make sure eggs are fully cooked as raw eggs may cause salmonella. This is extremely harmful to your pet.

Eggs in a brown bowl
Eggs can be given to your pets in small doses as a treat


Your dog will love a bit of cheese. However, make sure you only give your pet a tiny amount as a rare treat. If your dog gets an upset stomach after eating cheese, it’s best to avoid it altogether.

Cats are lactose intolerant so it’s best to avoid giving them cheese to nibble on.


Chicken is a delicious treat that your pet will be delighted to have! Most dog and cat foods contain chicken as it’s a great source of protein, so it’s a flavour they will recognise as tasty. Make sure the chicken is lean with no spices, and properly cooked to avoid any tummy upsets.

Chicken can be fed to your pets as a tasty treat

Peanut butter

While this doesn’t offer any nutritional value, it is a tasty treat for your pet. Make sure you feed them a small amount as it is very high in fat and sugar. Avoid peanut butter containing chocolate or the artificial sweetener Xylitol as both are toxic to cats and dogs.


Your pooch may love this sweet treat more than your feline friend. A cat’s sweet buds aren’t very reactive, so they won’t benefit from the tasty banana on offer.

Some dogs love bananas as a treat


This is one that your cat will love even more than your dog. Celery leaves have a catnip-like effect on felines, so make sure you save it as an occasional treat. While your dog snacks away, your cat is more likely to roll around in the leaves.


Having rice as an occasional treat, mixed in with a little bit of cooked meat, is a great treat for cats and dogs. Rice can even aid digestion, so you may want to consider a small amount if your pet has an upset stomach.

Sweet potato

Rich in Vitamin A, small amounts of sweet potato are high in fibre. If you are feeding some to your cat or dog, make sure it is cooked. Uncooked sweet potato can be harmful.

Cooked sweet potato can be fed to your pets as a treat


Carrots are safe for your pet to eat both raw and cooked. However, if they are raw they may be a little too crunchy for your cat to get their small teeth through, so consider giving them the treat cooked.

World Food Day

Please note that human foods should only be given as a treat to pets. If your pet has any special dietary requirements or your vet has advised that you stick to a strict plan, you should follow this.

Learning about what you can and can’t feed your dog or cat is essential when owning one, so make sure that you research about your pet’s diet and how to keep them fit and healthy. 

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